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Eric Lyon
Founder & Brand Manager
Amanda Lyon
Moderator & Virtual Assistant
Majid Banda
Custom Patches & Embroidery
Coming Soon
Code Developer & Virtual Assistant
Coming Soon
Website Designer & Virtual Assistant
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Content Creator & Virtual Assistant
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Freelance & Independent Contractors

Are you looking to strengthen your career portfolio?
If you answered yes, you came to the right place.

The Scorpion Agency LLC was founded in 2004 and went live online in 2005, specializing in design and brand management services. Our mission is to deliver targeted solutions to individuals and businesses that solve their everyday problems, building strong relationships, and developing new/creative avenues to help our clients brands stand out in the crowd. We offer a wide-range of services to fit any clients special needs.

Do you have experience in one of the available positions listed above?
If you answered yes, we want to hear from you. Send over your resume, preferred position, and at least 2 references to verify your experience.

Do you have experience in something not listed above that you feel could benefit our clients?
If you answered yes, we want to hear from you too. We are always looking for ways to better our best and make sure that each of our clients has what they need to succeed in a rapidly changing online world.

Are you working alone and struggling to find clients?
If you answered yes, teaming up with a club of freelancers like us could be the perfect solution for you. We prioritize refering projects to one another, within the club.

Are you looking to appear more authoritative to help secure future clients with bigger long-term projects?
If you answered yes, joining a co-op freelance club like Scorpion Agency LLC could help you attract bigger clients with larger budgets.

Already managing your own freelance team or have an existing Agency with freelancers?
If you answered yes, you can partner your entire team/Agency and patch-over to Scorpion Agency LLC as a Brand Manager, which qualifies you to start your own Chapter (As long as your state/province doesn't have a Chapter already).

Here's some of the experience we bring to the table to help our clients and freelance partners better their best:
Eric Lyon – Entrepreneur, Freelancer, Domain Investor/Developer, Brand Designer, Online Brand Manager, Founder/Owner of Scorpion Agency LLC, Founder/Co-Owner of Office Drift™, Founder/Owner of WorkCamped™ And A Father.

Eric is an intercontinental traveler that has been to every state in the U.S., NorthWest Territory, Yukon Territory, and various provinces of Canada and Mexico. He is well versed in the Domain Industry, Design Industry, Sales, Online Marketing, and Online Branding.

Since 1996, Eric has managed companies with 240+ employees, administrated online communities with over 1 million members, attended numerous industry-related events/conventions and has personally worked with start-ups, personalities, small mom and pop businesses, corporations, freelancers, news outlets, and a variety of domain investors one-on-one from all over the world. That equates to a lot of years behind the scenes with his fingers firmly on the pulse of multiple online industries.

Amanda Lyon – Freelancer, Customer Service Specialist, Moderator, virtual assistant, Partner at Scorpion Agency LLC, Co-Owner of Office Drift™, and a Mother.

Amanda also has an extensive sales, training, and management background with Starbucks (10 Years).

Features, events, and accomplishments
Scorpion Agency LLC Is Featured On:
Zazzle – (Since 2012) – Over 45,000+ merchandised products.
99Designs - (Since 2007) - Over a decade of competative design and services.
LogoBids - (Since 2010) - Over a decade of competative design.
namePros - (Since 2009) - Over a decade of competative design and services.
DigitalPoint - (Since 2007) - Over a decade of competative design and services.

Events we have attended:
Meetups – (2009 to current) – Meeting with individual domain investors 1 on 1 across the U.S.
T.R.A.F.F.I.C. West – Las Vegas Nevada (2014) – An Official Domain Investor Conference
NamesCon – Las Vegas, Nevada (2015/2017) – An Official Domain Investor Conference
DnHouston – Houston, Texas (2016) – An Official Domain Investor Meetup
Lean – Houston, Texas (2014) – An Official Start-Up Accelerator Conference.
NACCE – Houston, Texas (2015) – An Official Entrepreneurial Conference.

Benefits of joining Scorpion Agency LLC as a freelance independent contract partner and club member:
1. Instant trust and authority being associated to a large brand agency with experience dating back to 1996.
2. Kick-Starting your career if you're just starting out.
3. Assisted lead generation (We refer our partners for project leads first).
4. A club of highly skilled collegues to help with overflow projects, brainstorming ideas, and your own personal growth.
5. Rapid growth potential.
6. Being a part of something bigger than all of us.
7. A picture of you + Social account links (FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram) for more exposure on the career page + Service page(s) your skill-sets qualify for (That's a lot of exposure).
8. After a 6 month prospective probationary period, you'll qualify for a Scorpion Agency LLC cut, patches, and rockers (as seen above) on a genuine leather vest (SERIOUS pride and authority), making you a full fledged club member. (Note: FC = Freelance Club)
9. You benefit from all the advertising and marketing campaigns Scorpion Agency™ launches (Giving you even MORE exposure).
10. You benefit from Scorpion Agency™ building strong brands for clients. It means that we can help you build your independent brand stronger too.
11. Competative industry dues:
    A. (FC) Freelance Club Member/Partner: ONLY $146 per month or $1500 per year ($252 savings) - Automated subscription
    B. (50+) Senior (FC) Freelance Club Member/Partner: ONLY $100 per month or $1000 per year ($752 savings) - Automated subscription
    C. Apprentice (FC) Freelance Club Member/Partner: ONLY 10 hours per week (40 hours per Month) of remote volunteer/barter work in exchange for a temporary membership/partnership until such time as he/she is able to apply their new skills to afford a paid membership/partnership.
    D. Vested (FC) Freelance Club Member/Partner: ONLY $6000 per 5 years ($1500 savings)
    E. Elite (FC) Freelance Club Member/Partner: ONLY $10500 per 10 years ($2500 savings)

Why do freelancers and independent contractors have to pay dues?
Great question! Like with a lot of co-ops, clubs, groups, associations, etc. that have ongoing internal costs (E.g. hosting renewals, email renewals, domain renewals, lead generation, business cards, uniforms, swag, marketing, advertising, etc.) it's common for them to have membership dues to collectively cover overhead costs. Just like hair and nail salons rent chair space to freelance hair stylists and nail technicians.

Dues also help ensure that freelancers and independent contract partners are vested into the club and don't become a liability to the brand that all the other club members worked hard to keep a trusted and authoritative image. Remember - Team-work makes the dream-work! - Your dues are an investment into your own growth, as well as those of your club members/partners. Dues comes with peace of mind, knowing your team mate is just as serious as you are about success.

Each prospective member/partner must review and agree to all the freelance club laws, policies, and procedures prior to being indoctrinated into the club.

Send us a copy of your resume, position of interest, and at least 2 references to: Admin@ScorpionAgency.com for consideration.

Have questions?
Please send those to: Info@ScorpionAgency.com

We look forward to helping you grow!