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Scorpion Agency™ Human resources

Do you have some part-time, full-time, seasonal, or temporary positions that need to be filled?
If so, you came to the right place. You can either contract an authorized Agent of Scorpion Agency™ (Where we manage the freelancers for you) or you can utilize thousands of potential freelance candidates from our WorkCamped™ group and manage them yourself.

Scorpion Agency™ manages and operates WorkCamped™. A group dedicated to providing work campers and nomadic remote workers with opportunities just like the one(s) you have available.

With thousands of active members seeking opportunities in various skill-sets, we can match the right candidate with the project you need done.

ScorpionAgency™ Partner: Scorpion Agency™ is comprised of a heavily vested team of online business professionals (Digital Nomads & Work Campers), each paying dues to be a part of something bigger than themselves. (Partners refer to other partners to help keep clients safer, within a more vested (Inner circle) team of professionals)

Digital Nomad: This type of worker generally travels throughout the U.S. (Sometimes internationally) and works from a laptop using data connections to complete any task you may need remotely, from anywhere. This candidate is ideal if you don't have a physical location or accommodations. They can also perform field operations, sales, brand exposure, event ambassadorship, and more, just like some Scorpion Agency™ Partners, but outside our inner circle of protection!

Work Camper: This type of worker comes to your location, anywhere in the U.S. in a fully self-contained RV, Skoolie conversion, van conversion, etc. and can work both, remote online or physically to fit your needs on-site. Generally, employers provide work campers with an electrical hookup, water connection, and sewage connection + pay in exchange for their work. It's a great way to retain workers locally, on-site for on-going training, supervision, physical labor, security, event coordinators, and more, just like some Scorpion Agency™ Partners, but outside our inner circle of protection!

(Modest Cost) - For Scorpion Agency™ Partners, please select a service from the top navigation or contact us directly for a free quote at: Service@ScorpionAgency.com.

(Free) - For digital nomads or work campers outside our inner circle, please visit WorkCamped.com and create your job/opportunity listing (FREE). There's no charge for listing an opportunity, but you will still need to pay your freelancer if you hire them :). Head on over to the Work Camped group to check it out.

(Additional) - Alternately, you can contract an authorized agent of Scorpion Agency™ to manage a team of freelance workers for you (Management costs are associated).

Have some questions first?
Please send questions to: Info@ScorpionAgency.com